The 574 Sonic Weld by New Balance

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First released back in 2010 to much acclaim, the M574 Sonic Weld by New Balance is making a return. A shoe that now attains cult status due to the combination of ultra simple colourways, revolutionary construction and the speed at which they actually sold out, it seems that now is the perfect time to bring them back.

Featuring a seal that is both watertight and airtight, the Sonic Weld technology is achieved by using a ‘hot melt’ which basically welds each panel together. The process for this stemmed from the ideal of reducing the waste that footwear production produces, therefore cutting down the impact on the environment and also wasting less energy to create. There are almost zero stitches on the Sonic Weld, the only ones featuring on the foxing and heel tab, a truly great feat. They are also made using an anti-microbial synthetic suede which is then finished with flame lamination on the tongue, the finishing touch on a trainer that some claim is a truer fit than most due to the lack of excess materials. With the latest collection of the New Balance M574 Sonic Weld, you have a trainer that not only looks the business, but also helps the business of a greener and cleaner environment.

Available now online and in selected stores, the New Balance M574 Sonic Weld comes in three different colourways each priced at £75, size range UK4 – UK11 (UK12 available online in the grey).

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