REBLOG! The History of Vans: Steve Van Doren Interview by SneakerFreaker

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Vans has been a staple footwear choice for skateboarders, fashion followers and pretty much everyone who likes a simplistic canvas shoe for years, 40 to be exact, and to celebrate to legacy of the brand, global lifestyle magazine sat down with co-founder Steve Van Doren to find out how it all started.

Reminiscing about how everything came neatly into place, after a lot of hard work and a handful of good luck, Steve explains how customising the fabric one of their classic #44 models, now named the Authentic, evolved into sponsoring skateboarding event across the country and finally how they began to produce skate-specific product such as the Sk8-Hi and the Ankle Guard.

With such a diverse history and a well-versed journey, it’s clear to see that a brand such as this is can be regarded as one of the best, producing footwear that are the most iconic to date.

Check out the full article over on Sneaker Freaker HERE

Source: Sneaker Freaker

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