The Shirt Guide

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Shirts have been a part of our wardrobe ever since we started school, and been a stylish way to blend our garments together whether it’s summer or winter. With the growing popularity to combine smart and street styles together, we look at how the classic shirt can be worn either under or above a different range of pieces, from t-shirts to padded parka jackets.

The Woven Stripe Shirt (Hundreds) –Always a classic due its plain-weaved base which is normally intertwined with different coloured threads, the woven stripe shirt is a great option to be teamed with some basic garments. Our other favourites of this style are from Carhartt and Staple Design.

The Oxford Shirt (Lyle) – Graduating from the realm of formal dress codes, the Oxford shirt is now a casual staple. With its unmistakeable basket weave structure and traditional button-down collar, this shirt is an essential.

The Tartan Shirt (Fred Perry) – This definitive pattern has come a long way from its use within the Scottish and Irish clans and holds fast within today’s culture. Presented in a strong range of colours, it’s easy to match this shirt under your favourite jacket or over a plain t-shirt.

The Plain shirt (Carhartt)– Offered up in block colours and premium materials, the plain shirt can be used to emphasize the rest of the outfit. Whether it’s a padded parka or a some new footwear, this staple piece can be effortlessly matched on any level.

The Checked Shirt (Penfield) – Associated with traditional workwear heritage items, the checked shirt features a resembling pattern to either tartan or plaid. This very distinct style is best to style with a complimentary coach jacket or understated parka.

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