SUPRA S1W – Stevie Williams interview

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The second part of SUPRA’s The Crown Coalition sees Stevie Williams take the spotlight, along with his first signature model with SUPRA, the S1W. Williams, founder and owner of DGK Skateboards, has been a professional skateboarder since the 90s and has had sponsorships from the likes of G-Shock Watches, New Era Cap Company, Diamond Supply Company and Reebok to name just a few. As well as helping global footwear brand Reebok gain a place within the multi-billion dollar skateboarding market, he has also opened two skate shops, L&K and Sk8tique, between 2004 and 2004. We recently got the chance to ask the man himself a couple of questions, which you can see below.

In what way is SUPRA giving back to the skateboarding community?

“I feel like supra has been giving back buy supporting the core sport of skateboarding and providing quality product that the kids can relate to.”

Do you think skate fashion dictates the mainstream or vice versa?

“Specifically the emergence of the Skytop and then the follow-on success of high-top shoes in general (as an example) sometimes! Everybody takes from everybody. The Skytop made history and it also made a great name for the SUPRA brand. Skateboarding will always influence trends. That’s why we’re cool!”

How do you feel about SUPRA’s portrayal in the mainstream media? – E.G. being worn by the likes of Jay-Z, Justin Bieber and various pop groups etc?

“I think it’s great! When a brand gets their message out for the world to buy into, I think those were key icons that helped push the brand and made it successful for today’s fashion trend for skateboarding.”

Where does skateboarding stand now for you? You have cultivated a career that has spanned over a decade; does skating now take a back foot to more pressing matters like family etc? Or do other past times and pursuits have more focus now? And furthermore, do you still skate every day?

“I still have it in me to do a great job. I feel blessed that I have maintained my status in skateboarding but I still have ams to raise DGK. They look to me for guidance and I’m always there to support them, on and off the board. DGK is my family and my heart. I have two kids that I love to death and I’m around them as much as I can.”

Who’s your favourite skater now?

“Keelan Dadd, Marcus McBride, Lenny Rivas, my cousin Rasul, and Lil Wayne.”

Best shoes to skate in and why?

“Right now the S1W because there the new Stevie Williams SUPRA shoe and they’re hot! The S1W, is a mix of traditional and state-of-the-art technologies, creating a bold silhouette with a huge range of advanced technologies. The cored-out cup sole features the newest SUPRAFOAM foodbed and the heel incorporates a padded ankle pod seen within certain famous basketball shoes along with a cushioned heel-pull for added comfort and support.”

Presented in a selection of both bold and neutral colourways, the S1W is now available in selected size? stores and online, priced at £80.

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