SUPRA Skytop Camouflage – Chad Muska Interview – size? exclusive

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To celebrate the upcoming launch of the size? European exclusive SUPRA Skytop ‘camo’ we got the chance to sit down with the legendary skater and man behind Supra’s most popular silhouette, Chad Muska, for a quick Q & A.

Chad Muska has been involved in the skateboarding scene since pretty much day one. His aggressive and sometimes controversial style (and not to mention sheer talent) has kept him in the limelight and helped him become one of the best known athletes in the World of extreme sports. Not content with just skating, Muska also boasts his on record label, MuskaBeatz, which has featured the likes of Biz Markie, Afrika Bambaataa, Guru (RIP) & KRS-One to name just a few.

A true icon in the World of skateboarding, Muska’s love and ability for the sport and close association with the SUPRA brand has allowed him to travel the World and progressively push his skills more and more, further perfecting his character.

When we were approached by Supra and asked if we wanted to interview Chad we jumped at the chance. To see what the man himself had to say see below…..

size? – Having had continuously controversial pro shoes and pretty much innovating the ‘stash’ pocket in skate shoes do you feel any pressure at all to constantly surprise/shock or break barriers when designing a new pro shoe?

Chad Muska – I never feel a pressure. Just a desire to create something new and innovative at all times.

size? – How does it feel to have your footwear sold in stores that aren’t skate shops?

CM – It’s amazing! I love that people that have nothing to do with skateboarding are attracted to the designs that I help create.

size? – What were the key factors in you deciding to stat skating?

CM – I just loved it. Also, it was anti everything else at the time and that made me very attracted to the idea.

size? – Do you feel there’s a bigger ‘fashion’ sense in the skateboarding scene at present compared to when you began skating many years ago?

CM – Yes. 100%. It’s because fashion is more accessible now a days because of the Internet. Things that use to take being a part of a scene to know about are now just accessed through Google and blogs.

size? – Do you think skate fashion dictates the mainstream or vice versa? Specifically the emergence of the Skytop and then the follow on success of high top shoes in general (as an example)

CM – I think they feed off of each other.

size? – How do you feel about SUPRA’s portrayal in the mainstream media ?- E.G. being worn by the likes of Jay-z, Justin Bieber and various pop groups etc?

CM – It’s dope. I love it. I have respect for people that make things happen. And when most people make things happen others get mad, I get happy.

size? – You have had well publicized hard times coming up in skateboarding and in your formative years, do you think the ‘have not’s’ of the world are always going to want more and what do youattribute your own struggles in forming yourcareer to date? Is it arguable it takes a certain type of person to sustain a pro skateboard career?

CM – When you work hard for something you appreciate it more. When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.

size? – Considering the slow demise of the traditional “Skate shoe” and brands like Adio and ES ceasing to trade. Do you think that a successful footwear brand has to be diverse? SUPRA makes everything from Slip on’s to Skytops and even lightweight running trainers. Is this the key to success?

CM – I guess you said it… So you must think it. More of a statement then a question.

size? – What’s your best skating achievement?

CM – Staying alive.

The size? European exclusive SUPRA Skytop ‘camo’ releases at stores and online this Saturday (18th August) priced at £80.

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