The 50 greatest pop culture references in streetwear

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Since day one, streetwear has always referenced some of the most well known brands out there. Some references are blatant, whereas others leave you thinking twice. From a simple play on words to a complete chop and change of another brands logo, it’s part of streetwear’s DNA.

When we heard the guys at Complex had released a feature on the top 50 greatest pop culture references in streetwear we had to take a look. After all, these guys know their stuff……

Our favourites in the countdown have to be Staple Design’s ‘Chinatown Gun Shop T’ at number 20, Alife’s logo at number 12, and from perhaps the most iconc streetwear brand of all time, at number 1 (of course!), Stussy’s linked ‘S’ logo.



stussy-chanelThis article is big and definitely worth a read. To see it in full for yourself from number 50 to number 1, head over to Complex.

Shouts to @gwarizm for taking the time to compile it.

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