The story behind Salomon

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Salomon was born in a quaint alpine town called Annecy, a place nicknamed the “Venice of the Alps” due to its pastel-coloured buildings, cobbled streets and bridges which loop over winding canals. In 1947, it was here that George Salomon and his parents, Francois and Jeanne, had the initiative to use a wood saw blade to make metal edges for skis – the rest is history.

What has been the key to Salomon’s success though? High-quality outdoor products have always been pivotal to the brand, a philosophy which started with a small team of skilled engineers. Legend has it that George once heard a rattle in one of his products, which he proceeded to throw out of the window shouting “No one is going to put my name on that!”. This became known as the “clickity-clack” to his employees, this was a defining moment which has set the standard for years to come.

By 1979, new ventures were made as the brand decided to start manufacturing footwear for skiing, with the launch of the SX90. By 1992, the company were crafting gear for outdoor summer sports and hiking. The brand quickly became known in the hiking world for its innovative technology and reliability on any terrain.

Fast forward to today, the brand is still based in the humble town of Annecy and it produces gear for a global audience all ages and for all terrains. Wear the brand on competitive trails, tough three-day hikes or when gliding down mountains on skis or snowboards.

You can also wear their hiking shoes to make a bold fashion statement, the brand has become a cult favourite in the world of high-end fashion. Salomon boots appeared in the Palace spring look book 2018, they have also collaborated with Spanish fashion don Boris Bidian Saberi three times and the X-Alp model was used by CMMN SWDN on the runway in Paris.  

It has been a real journey for the Salomon team, high-quality products and pioneering technology have helped the brand climb to the top.

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