size? collections – Lil Xxel – Rapper

On this edition of size? collections, we’ve headed across the pond and caught up with American rapper Lil Xxel to take a quick look at a couple of his favourite Air Jordan 1 silhouettes.

Check them out below!

size? collections - Lil Xxel - Rapper

Air Jordan 1 High ‘Court Purple’

Air Jordan 1 High 'Court Purple'

“My mom took a week to track these down and gifted them to me the day I signed to 300. These have a lot of sentimental value because of that. I love wearing pink and purple and it goes really well with my style.”

Air Jordan 1 High OG ‘Shattered Backboard’

Air Jordan 1 High OG 'Shattered Backboard'

“I got these shoes the day ‘LMK’ broke fifty million plays on Spotify. These remind me of the shoes I wore when I played basketball as a kid. They brighten up a lot of my darker looks.”

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