size? collections – Josh Pratt – Merchandise Assistant at size? HQ

We’re back over at size? HQ for this latest size? collection, and this time we’re taking a look at our Merchandise Assistant Josh Pratt’s footwear rotation.

We’re a big fan of collections that are packed with a variety of different brands, and Josh’s certainly fits the bill – take a look below.

size? collections - Josh Pratt - Merchandise Assistant at size? HQ

Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Avenger’ – 2005

Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Avenger’ - 2005

“This is where it all started for me, and most of my age group. In 2006/7, I remember skating with a friend who was a few years older than me and he would turn up back to the local skatepark every week with a new Nike SB Dunk on. 

“I started getting intrigued as to what these were, especially just coming out of the chunky skate shoe era. I skated most of my old collection, but these ‘Dunk Avenger’ were special, and I bought these of that same friend. I’m currently trying to rebuild a new collection going forward, feeding my nostalgia.”

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Nike Dunk ‘Kentucky’ – 2020 

Nike Dunk x Off White ‘Celtic’ – 2019 

Nike Dunk ‘Syracuse’ – 2020

Nike Air Jordan 5 ‘Raging Bull’ – 2009

Nike Air Jordan 5 ‘Raging Bull’ - 2009

“Basketball was the first sport I really took to. When you’re playing league games and seeing other players and teammates turning up in Jordans, you just couldn’t help but appreciate how great they looked. 

“The AJ5 was always my favourite, only seeing a handful here and there. In 2009, I managed to grab a pair of these upon release. With them having a full 3M upper, I love wearing these at any house party even more than on the court.” 

Parra x Nike Air Maxim – 2009 & Parra x Nike Air Max 1 – 2018

Parra x Nike Air Maxim - 2009 & Parra x Nike Air Max 1 - 2018

“That same day in 2009 that I picked up the ‘AJ 5 Raging Bull’, I stumbled upon these in size? Manchester and couldn’t believe my eyes or luck. 

“The Dutch masters ‘Parra and Patta’ have always been a key part of Nike Air Max culture – and with the famous ‘Running Man Air Max 95’ released the year before – Parra couldn’t have been any more saught-after. So, I just had to pick these up.

“9 years later I heard rumblings of another Air Max 1 x Parra, so yet again it was a must.”

Wu-Tang x Clarks Originals Wallabee Boot – 2018

Wu-Tang x Clarks Originals Wallabee Boot - 2018

“I mean what more could I have dreamed for. Growing up with a brother 16 years older, I was pretty much raised listening to every new hip hop album he picked up (in the Golden Era Too). Not only that, he always had a new pair of Clarks Wallabees around, but as a kid, they were never my thing. 

“But once I started getting into hip hop for myself, I always noticed Ghostface’s obsession with Wallabees (I mean he was nicknamed the Wallabee Champ). With him being one of my favourite artists, this slowly developed my love for the shoe. So this, for me, was everything from my childhood musically rolled into one.”

Reebok collaborations

Reebok collaborations

Reebok has been a strong love of mine for a long time, there’s something about the soft leather and towelling on the inside that brings a certain sense of home comfort. 

“Over the years, I’ve always managed to keep a pair in my rotation, I remember the first pair that I really loved was a Reebok x DGK (Stevie Williams) and they were white, with a grey suede panel and a lime ice sole. 

“Now, when Nepenthes collaborated with Reebok years later, I could spot a slight resemblance except these were a Workout Plus and not the Pro. But one thing I can say is Reebok and thair collaborations have always found a way in my rotation.” 


Reebok Workout Plus x Nepenthes – 2019

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Reebok Pyro x Adsum – 2019 

Reebok GL6000 x Distinct Life – 2014

Reebok Phase One Pro x Packer Shoes – 2016

New Balance 99 Series

New Balance 99 Series

New Balance found their way in my collection once I started working in the retail industry. On my first day dealing with delivery, I was unboxing a pair of New Balance M1500EBN for displaying in-store and I just remember staring at them for a long time debating whether these were going to be my first purchase. 

“Strangely enough, they weren’t and I always regretted this. After a while, I did eventually pick up a pair of M1500SA and M577GGR and thought these couldn’t get any better until I delved into all the 99series.

“The 99series have a level of comfort, quality and wearability no other trainer series has. I can say I wear these more than any others in my collection.” 


MR993GL Made in USA – 2017

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M996ST Made in USA – 2014

M991FA ‘35th Anniversary’ Made in England – 2017 

M990BM5 Made in USA – 2019

Chemist Creations x ASICS GEL-Fujitrabuco 7 – 2019

Chemist Creations x ASICS GEL-Fujitrabuco 7 - 2019

“This shoe, for me, was one of the best releases last year and probably one of the most overlooked. With the current trail-trend explosion, in the height of everything, ASICS teamed up with design team Chemist Creations and dropped these. 

“The minute I saw these, I knew what my next addition to my collection was going to be. ASICS has always brought a different aspect to the trainer world and come with technologies unseen elsewhere, so when they teamed up with the visionary team at Chemist Creations, it was a match made in heaven.”

Carhartt WIP x Nike Air Max 95 – 2018

Carhartt WIP x Nike Air Max 95 - 2018

“When talking about streetwear, one brand has simply stood the test of time, and that’s Carhartt WIP. The brainchild of Edwin Faeh, Carhartt WIP brought the rugged flavour of workwear into the streetwear world. 

“With Carhartt already being the street uniform of hustlers, graffiti artists, B-boys and rappers in America – and with the Air Max 95 being a trainer that all these people wore too – it was something that eventually had to happen. So when this did come to fruition, I was first in line to pick a pair up. 

“My fascination with the brand has always been strong, and the book by Rizzoli only made this stronger. Reading all about the birth and growth of the brand – this is a must-read.”

Mephisto Rainbow ‘Desert’ – 2019

Mephisto Rainbow ‘Desert’ - 2019

“Mephisto Rainbows are just a sign of my age. But when you really get into this shoe, they are just perfect. 

“I remember seeing a yellow and brown pair years ago and was captivated, but the price tag always made me back away. As time went on, and my taste developed for shoes, I couldn’t get the thought of them yellow Mephistos out my mind. 

“Eventually, after talking about how much I want a pair every other day, my girlfriend surprised me on my birthday last year – I don’t know how she’ll top that present.”

Archive of Tees – Carhartt WIP & Supreme

Archive of Tees - Carhartt WIP & Supreme

“As we all know, Carhartt WIP and Supreme are two sides of streetwear that most likely will never slow down. With their work over the years – collaborating with nearly everyone and anything – here is a couple of my favourite collaborations I’ve picked up.”

Top to Bottom:

– Carhartt x Neighborhood – 2014

– Carhartt x NTS Radio – 2016

– Supreme x Toshio Maeda – 2015

– Supreme x Akira – 2017

– Supreme x Marvin Gaye – 2018

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