Celebrating 20 Years of Vans & Geoff Rowley – Event Recap

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This week we headed east over to Liverpool to celebrate the longstanding, 20-year relationship between Vans and Geoff Rowley.

There aren't many who've had quite as much of an impact on the development and progression of skateboarding as Geoff, literally shedding blood for the love every single day, just to see how far you can physically push the limits of skateboarding. Geoff's talent was spotted at a young age, and he was given the opportunity to move to America to follow the dream, but he's never forgotten where he came from.

Throughout the course of the day, Rowley explained the importance of hosting this celebration inside Liverpool's Bombed Out Church. When he was younger he'd get the bus down to the town centre every day and always jump off outside the structure, and then bomb it as fast as he could down Bold Street to the Law Courts spot to save taking the long and winding route on the bus through town (and to save getting his head kicked in!)

Vans put on a mini-ramp where both scouse locals and the UK Vans team battled it out for cash for best tricks. Later in the evening, everyone sat down inside the bombed-out church to watch Geoff's new Vans part filmed together with teammates Pedro Barros and Ronnie Sandoval. Geoff explained the significance of his new film through a heartfelt speech beforehand, where he thanked those who helped and supported him from the beginning to get him to where he is now, he still couldn't quite believe it was all happening inside the church he skated past every day. His new part doesn't disappoint and shows just how hard he's still pushing things 30 years later, getting straight back up after every bone-shaking slam.

Later that evening we headed on down to The Merchant who hosted the afterparty with Lost Art, alongside a photographic look-back at Geoff's career through the lens of some of the industry's most prominent photographers. Images included spots found around Liverpool when Rowley was a young skate rat roaming the city, and those found in his various mindblowing video parts made for Flip over the decades.

The Vans Geoff Rowley 66/99 Classic will be arriving with us in the coming weeks, but in the meantime take a look at our current selection of Vans up on size? now.

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