Nike V-Series – size? exclusive

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Following on from the success of last years popular OG V-Series bring back, we’re proud to announce the upcoming release of our very own size? worldwide exclusive collaboration with Nike Sportswear.

Consisting of the Vengeance (1984), Venture (1985) and Vortex (1985), the original V-Series were a trio of lightweight/technical running shoes launched in the middle of the 1980’s running boom at a time when the design of running footwear was breaking boundaries with each and every release.

Each silhouette in the collection had its own individual key features; the Vengeance, built for the long distance runner, was all about reduced weight and benefited from a stripped down upper and added arch support. The Venture was designed with support in mind for heavier/broader-footed runners and featured extra cushioning and protection in the heel area and outside edge of the shoe and was a particular favourite with overpronate athletes. And the Vortex, an all-round combination of the two, was for the stereotypical ‘standard’ runner who required both cushioning and support.

Something else that helped the original V-Series stand out from its competitors at the time was Nike’s choice of bold/eye-catching colours and it’s here we’ve paid tribute to with our releases. From the contrasting metallic gold Nylon and brushed dark sand suede of the Venture, the two-tone navy/blue and cherry red Swoosh pop of the Vortex, to the subtle silver, grey and gold of the Vengeance, each model, complete with Nike’s vintage treatment, is limited to just 500 pairs and will be available exclusively from size? stores and online in February (exact date TBC).

Nike Vortex Vintage:


Nike Vengeance Vintage:


Nike Venture Vintage:


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