Fifteen Years of the Nike SB Dunk with Vice Sports

Celebrating it’s 15th year in skateboarding in 2017, Nike SB teamed up with Vice to chronicle the Dunks humble beginnings, making the transition from a basketball classic into a skateboarding icon.

2002 marked Nike’s second attempt at entering the world of skateboarding after an unsuccessful debut that turned them into outcasts. The skateboarding world by nature is very insular, primarily made up of core skater-owned companies who were expectedly cagey about allowing a larger corporate company into their world. Sandy Dobecker worked closely with Reese Forbes, one of the first four pro’s on the SB team upon the launch, in making sure things were done right this time around.

The early SB Dunk era helped blur the lines between consumers who were buying the shoes. Shops suddenly found themselves with queues outside for the latest Reese Forbes colourway, and by the time packs like the ‘City Series’ and collaborations with Supreme arrived, the level of hype surrounding them was through the roof.

Take a look at the great documentary above to learn a bit more about the origins of the shoes impact on skateboarding, and shop our latest Nike SB product online here and in size? stores now.

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