Introducing: LFT FLD


Conceived and Launched by Gareth Skewis (Palace, Slam City Skates) and Paul Ruffles (size?, FootPatrol), LFT FLD is an exercise in re-working ‘90s sportswear references from a more refined, contemporary standpoint. Focusing on high performing outerwear, classic throwback inspiration and subtle details with purposeful logo design and strong graphic work from Fergus Purcell, LFT FLD’s obvious skate and streetwear connections are distilled via a more considered, self-aware and consequently elevated take on staple style.

You can shop the LFT FLD collection here


lft-fld-layout-hi-res-3 lft-fld-layout-hi-res-4 lft-fld-layout-hi-res-5 lft-fld-layout-hi-res-6 lft-fld-layout-hi-res-7 lft-fld-layout-hi-res-8 lft-fld-layout-hi-res-9

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