Diadora Spring 2013 collection – size? world exclusive

Returning after a successful first year in the limelight, Italian sportswear brand Diadora are back to present their latest collection for Spring 2013, exclusively to size?. With a selection of classic styles, from the aesthetically pleasing Tokyo to the iconic B.Elite II, this seasons offerings showcase Diadora’s heritage perfectly.

The new range features a mixture of colourful combinations, with pastel tones and white hues taking the main stage. The collection has also been teamed with a large assortment of premium materials, something that we have come to expect from the brand, from loose burgundy suede on the B.Originals to the tightly woven mesh seen across the Jogging.

The most prominent of the pack has to be the B.Original, a silhouette that features a narrower form compared to the B.Elite, with a slight detail changes, creating an entirely new shape. Sitting on top a slimmer version of the definitive textured sole, the modest upper includes a distinctive t-bar shaped toe, which was initially designed to add durability.

With Spring fast approaching, Diadora’s latest collection will be available from all size? stores and online on Friday 1st March exclusively to size?, in sizes 6 – 12 (UK).

B.Elite II – £57

B.Original – £55

Tokyo – £52

Jogging – £45

The Queen 70 – £55

Cross 70 – £52

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